Eduard Moreno

Bogotá, Colombia, 1975

Lives and works in Bogotá

Fine Artist from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Eduard Moreno seeks to organize an occupational body that takes both formal and conceptual preoccupations into account. Tending to agree or disagree with cultural systems and relationships that have been conceived as tiers, habits, or customs (baroque and mottled records that surround our rooms like ethos or the particular lives of our Latinamerican existence today) so as to test artistic procedures, allegorical or poetic images, corporealities becoming or resisting, that compose other ways of affection and relations. Due to this, it is a constant in his work to use the concept of archives, unveiling within their genealogical frame, certain trails of human drama that, in his projections of strength, morality, memory, iteration, subjectivity, territorialization or immunity, allow us to perceive as well, transmissions and unconscious affections: the excision, the internal, desolate void, the destitution of our modern subjectivity, the fracture and conflict of our human dignity, melancholy and grief. In his most recent projects, this constant veiling or unveiling have increased their potence, aiming at a complex organization, discovering the need to connect with caring places of otherness, and finding in the occupation of public or institutional spaces, an advance in the artistic operation as mediation and pedagogy favorable for the application of emancipatory and insurgent attitudes. So, through archives and records, committed within the bodies themselves, as fluxuations and affections, he organizes a thought or a biological feeling that demands a new kind of rigor and encouragement within the comprehension and praxis of a sensitive task.