María Elvira Escallón

London, UK, 1954

Lives and works in Bogotá

She studied psychology at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and simultaneously carved herself as an artist in different workshops and academies. She’s a Master in Art History and Theory from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and teaches at the Universidad Javeriana´s Art Department. Her work displays an emphasis in the process and develops itself around subjects such as nature and culture, memory, and the vulnerability of monuments. Each project follows its unique visual path. Her fleeting sculpture interventions and installations carried out in places that are out of reach are documented via photography and film. The origins of the materials used, along with the specific way in which they are obtained are of great importance in several of her projects, since they are the bridge that connects conceptual aspects of her works. Her worked has received mentions such as the III Edition of the Luis Caballero Prize, the Cultural Ministry of Colombia’s National Scholarship for Individual Creativity 2014 and 2015, a Scholarship in the category of Patrimony of the ICDT (National Institute of Tributary Law) 2006, and the First Prize at the Regional Artists Salon in Bogota in 1997. Her work has been shown internationally in England, France, Germany, Spain, La Habana, Cuba, Brazil, the United States, and Sydney, Australia. Her work is also a part of private and institutional collections in Colombia and abroad.