Espacio Continuo Gallery

A ‘Perceptual Illusion’ arrives at the Espacio Continuo gallery

Cultura y Sociedad.

The Espacio Continuo gallery houses the works of Ximena De Valdenebro and Hernando Velandia, who display an individual proposal with the exhibition Perceptive Illusion, which offers an overview of their explorations with matter and their ideas in recent years.

In this exhibition, which is curated by John Ángel Rodríguez, the artists go through concepts that allude to collective memory, the secular image, time and especially psychogeography. A proposal of situationism, in which it is intended to understand the effects, the forms of the geographical environment and how these phenomena affect people's emotions and behavior.

According to Rodríguez, in Ximena De Valdenebro's work entitled Fronteras del aire the artist speculates about the consequences derived from climate change, “therefore it is pertinent to ask ourselves what is our perception of this phenomenon, although the media widely disseminate the Circumstances that have given rise to this geo-climatic anomaly, probably in the public domain the causes and circumstances that underlie this situation are unknown. Psychogeography tried to explain how the geographical environment affects the human psyche, now we must add the virtual universes and the geographical environments created in those dimensions ”.

Ximena presents a series of objects that merge drawing, painting and sculpture. "In terms of materiality, the viewer will find volumes and geometric figures, which are mixed with irregular shapes, which alludes to the way in which a world that was considered solid and formal is becoming blurred, before a cluster of individual realities", explains the curator.

For its part, Hernando Velandia's work investigates the importance of cinematographic images in the collective unconscious. For Velandia some of these images establish power games that have been maintained during different periods of history in civilizations. From his perspective, the works can be resolved in different ways, for this reason he is exhibiting his personal archive, which is a blog that has allowed him to monitor the progress of his ideas over time.

A notion that has captivated his creative process, was the expression of the Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, "Sculpt in time", this idea is of vital importance and has been proven by physics, stars and planets are formed in nebulae. For Hernando, time is a force that allows him to materialize his ideas and images that he has superimposed in his memory, and then project them in his different pieces.

August 20, 2021

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