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Company and support, 'Los Arrullos' of Juliana Góngora

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"Arrullos" is the name of the first exhibition by the Bogota artist Juliana Góngora at the Espacio Continuo Gallery. The artist works with the Ko’revaju community and in this exhibition she used edible elements, such as milk and corn, where Góngora found a way to connect with her family past.

For the artist and the community with whom she works, the word ‘lullaby’ is associated with the ability to convey trust and protection. From the ceiling will hang the main work: ‘Los arrulladores’, an installation made of the leaf that covers the cob, amero, and through which the public will be able to walk.

"After these strong years I feel that, now more than ever, we need a lullaby," said Góngora in a statement, who feels that "we have not been lulled enough because otherwise, we would have more confidence in ourselves and not we would feel so much limit with the other, nor between the human being and the nature ”.

The pandemic prompted Góngora to think about the lack of lull that many people experience, like a pat on the shoulder by a wise man offering comfort. Through her work, the artist has walked in the footsteps of her ancestors and through this approach the peasant and indigenous tradition, which allowed her not only to reconstruct her family history, but also to understand the essentials of life: respect for oneself. , on the other and nature.

Among his works there is also ‘Body of milk’, which refers to the tomb of the artist’s grandfather, and is covered by a blanket made of milk thread. Through this piece a metaphor of life and death is proposed with milk as a mediator, since it represents the first food that is consumed and that which Góngora offers to his grandfather.

September 21, 2021

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