Espacio Continuo Gallery

Lina Puerta’s Art Mimics Botanical and Female Anatomical Forms

Lina Puerta

"This carnivalesque profusion of materials and forms finds its most charming expressions in the many works that evoke worlds within worlds. In the Specimen series (2016), small glass display domes encase fanciful, prickly plant forms that look like botanical samples from another planet. The Agua Viva series (2010) features compact vintage suitcases cracked open like music boxes, their interiors serving as planting beds for lush, synthetic landscapes that contain actual running water. In “Árbol (Tree)” (2007), a conical tent of floor-to-ceiling fabrics contains a stool for visitors to sit inside its plush, vaginal interior. All the artworks strike a gentle balance between whimsy and sincerity, which keeps their allusions to sexual anatomy from appearing cringeworthy. None are overly invested in their own theoretical rationale, which leaves Puerta free to construct her surprising artistic environments from the ground up, through the accumulation of imaginative details."

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December 1, 2021

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