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Linda Pongutá: Y si el agujero se tasqua

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Cart grease, rust, pig's and drago's blood, tobacco, metals, vitamins, ambira and medicinal plants. A cart with bowls and all the powders, all the powders of all the worlds, but above all spirulina powder and yarumo powder. The industry that moves, that decants and decays, makes itself present, like a sacrificed and dying animal. It dissects and folds, rots, builds nests of cobwebs. Even that which does not rot, here it rusts, it becomes stale, it becomes watery and turns green through a crack. As it turns green, life comes out of it, another life that we do not know, but that we want to know. Through there, slipping through so much industrial rot, a thread of oxygen lives. Through that crack of life, the solid and the flexible combine.

If you are going to show that cloth with blood, you have to learn to sing to the cattle, to heal them," the mamo told him. That is sung like this:

a ña, tata, nanaaaa. mmmmm mmm. a ña, nna, ñana, mmmm uuuuu, nna na na na ñaaaaaaaaaa, Ete ganao es maj purito, luego ñaaa, ññaaaa, ña ña, maaaaaaaa.

Carolina Cerón

August 19, 2022

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